Criminal behavior will cost you customers – Sprint

I have a story for you, it happens to all be true. I honestly can’t believe it really happened.

I am a long time Sprint customer and I have 6 lines on my account. I like to think i’m a good, loyal customer, even though I don’t generate a ton of revenue.

My plan is currently 69.99 a month for family share, and have 5 lines on that plan. My 6th line is on it’s own plan (29.99) due to the 5 line per share plan limit. Been like that for years.

My 6th line is due for upgrade ($150) but the plan wasn’t eligble (needs to be 39.99). I tried to upgrade online but it gave me an error so I called in, no problem. No big deal, totally ok upgrading the plan to get the upgrade credit. After being connected to a customer care representative named Danny, I explained my scenario, told him I wanted to upgrade my 6th line plan and upgrade my phone. He took a look at my account (after asking for my account pin) and said, “I can switch your plans and probably save you money.” I was curious so asked what he had to offer. After looking for a few minutes he said that he could transfer my 6th line to my share plan with my 5 other lines. I know the limit exists and was very incredulous. He explained that if he upgraded my plan from power pack to talk share he could add that 6th line. I said, so for the 6th line it will be added to my share plan for 9.99 and I will no longer have the 29.99 plan for that line. I said, so I will have all 6 lines on the same family share plan? He said yes.

At that point I have to assume that the sprint rep knows what he’s talking about so I said sure no problem. He told me the change was complete and that he would transfer me to sales to upgrade the phone. I said ok and he transferred me.

I was then transferred to Gladys in sales. As I was speaking I explained what had just happened and she, like me, said that was impossible. Only 5 lines per share. She said she would look to see what he changed. After a few minutes she came back and said that he had changed my 5th line to it’s own 69.99 plan. So instead of adding my 6th line to my share plan, he upgraded a line that he had no permission to upgrade and increased my bill by over $70.

He lied directly to me. He changed my plan without my permission. He is a disgusting embarassment to Sprint. After working with the Sales rep, Gladys, for over an hour I was able to revert my plan back to normal, upgrade my 6th line to a new plan and a new phone.

I have 4 phones that the agreement expires in a month and I highly doubt that even one will remain with Sprint. I have never been so disgusted with a company in my life.

Danny deserves to be fired and Gladys deserves a raise and Sprint doesn’t deserve my business or loyalty.

Don’t let shady employees ruin your business. Have processes in place to deal with unsavory practices quickly and severely.

  • WI sprintsucks

    sprint jacked up my price for no reason other than they felt like it. I bought a sprint Airwave because reception is spotty everywhere in WISCONSIN and I was told that it would allow me to have better reception at home and wouldnt cost me anything…They charged me 36$ to activate a line and 4.99 a month after that…Needless to say I love Verizon

  • herrin

    Yeah, I like my Sprint service unless I have to call customer service. It’s unfortunate.


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